Chicago VSS Teachers

Arya Samaj of Chicagoland is very proud of the volunteers and parents of Vedic Sanskriti School who stepped up to be teachers. They contribute their time and efforts selflessly to instill Vedic Values in the children and lead by example. We are very fortunate to have this dedicated team of volunteers!

Meet Our Teachers

Sarla Dahiya:

Sarla Dahiya has been associated with Arya Samaj of Chicagoland for over 30 years. She is originally from Kurukshetra, Haryana. Sarla ji believes that Vedic education is not just a privilege but a right. Children should know about Vedic culture, heritage, and humanitarian values so that they can apply the lessons in their lives as they grow. Sarla ji has worked tirelessly towards this goal of introducing Vedic education to children at a formative age. She has organized engaging cultural programs and festivities in the Samaj and at the international Arya Mahasammelan, which have been featured in Chicagoland TV and print media. Her two children Arun and Anuj Dahiya also volunteer at the Arya Samaj. It’s great to see that the second generation is also giving back to the community!

Shweta Singhal:

Shweta Singhal is a parent-volunteer originally from Faridabad, Haryana. She started following Vedic principles after her marriage into an Arya Samaj family and she has not looked back ever since. Her children are growing up with a love for Yajnyas and Vedic chanting at home, which inspired her to volunteer as a teacher to a larger audience of children at the Samaj. She has seen that Vedic values and principles can help kids grow into better human beings, and keep them connected to family. She wants everyone to join in this endeavor and contribute to a better society.

Neelam Patel:

Neelam Patel is closely attached to the Arya Samaj of Chicago. Originally from Mumbai, Maharashtra, Neelam is an IT professional who started volunteering at Arya Samaj with a deep commitment to contribute to society,  help people grow and to empower them to progress through their lives. She teaches online classes and helps organize the cultural events at the Samaj.

Surbhi Bansal:

Surbhi Bansal is a software engineer and a mother of two young children. She grew up in India and has always had a keen interest in teaching. She views the opportunity to work at VSS as a way to impart  Vedic values and culture to the next generation. As an educator at Arya Samaj, her goal is to inculcate a love for Vedic education in students so that they benefit not just intellectually, but also morally and spiritually. Children not only benefit intellectually, but also morally and spiritually as these virtues are fostered in them. She is happy to see the children taking interest in learning Vedic values, culture and tradition at a young age.

Maitreyi Nachuri:

Maitreyi Nachuri is a parent-volunteer originally from Hyderabad, Telangana. She grew up in an Arya Samaj family inspired by the rich tradition of Vedic scholarship and social organization of Arya Samaj. She joined the Arya Samaj Chicagoland community twelve years ago. She renewed the association by joining her children in online classes and events organized here. She likes to introduce a playful approach to learning in the classroom and at home, so that children learn and apply Vedic principles in everyday life. She is also a physical therapist interested in Yoga for Children and Women’s Health.

Richa Singhal:

Richa Singhal is one of our newer volunteers who has been drawn to Arya Samaj Chicagoland by VSS with its offering of education in Vedic values and Hindi Language.  As a second generation Indian with strong roots, she however did see that there is a need for extra support to pass down spiritual and moral values to children. She joined VSS recognizing that this community can be a source of such support to parents.

Joining the VSS along with her two children, Richa ji who has an Engineering and Teaching background, developed a unique Practical Science program for students in 4th grade and younger that has proved to be very popular with children and parents alike. Children learn to conduct experiments and employ scientific methodology with materials found around the home.

Smita Gharia:

Smita Gharia has been a member of Arya Samaj Chicagoland for the last 4 years. She is a volunteer teacher whose passion is to teach children about truth, reality and self respect. She hopes to provide children with an education that they are able to use throughout their lives and become good humanitarians. She hails from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, and is a mother of two children. Her two children have grown up with the same values that she teaches in the classroom and are eager to give back to society.

Richa Singhal:

Richa Singhal was born and raised in Punjab, India. She is from a family which dedicated itself to help society and spread Vedic knowledge. Richa and her family have been associated with Arya Samaj of Chicagoland ever since they moved to the USA.  She volunteered for VSS as an opportunity to follow in the footsteps of her ancestors. Richa is an integral part of the team that introduced VSS to Chicagoland.  She is also in the IT industry and brings her experience to lead and coordinate the Chicago teachers team. She believes Vedic education applies to our daily lives and plays an important role in the mental and emotional wellness of children. Her goal is to learn and share Vedic knowledge with all kids & parents. Her daughter is enrolled in VSS as well. Richa views volunteering for VSS as an opportunity to share her family’s values with her child.

Anuj Dahiya:

Anuj Dahiya has been attending the Arya Samaj of Chicagoland since his childhood. He is a Data Scientist and volunteers for the VSS – Arya Yuva Mandal (AYM)  as a teacher of Leadership Skills with the VSS – AYM team. He views Arya Samaj as an integral part of his life, having come to know many Arya Samaji individuals over the years. He participated in numerous events (Mahasammelan, Kids’ plays, Sunday Lunches) to support the community. He credits his mother, Sarla Dahiya, for the encouragement she has provided. He hopes to give back to the Samaj community for all the emotional support and connections he has received from it. Anuj looks forward to meeting everyone in-person at the Samaj once the Covid-19 days are over.