Sukhdev Soni (815) 735-1141

Dr. Sukhdev C. Soni
(815) 735-1141

Dr. Sukhdev Soni, MD, founding member and president of the Arya Samaj of Chicagoland is an oncology specialist in Chicago, IL and has been practicing for over 50 years. He graduated from Medical School in Burma in 1960s and migrated to the US. Dr. and Mrs. Soni were instrumental in purchasing the current Arya Samaj Of Chicagoland site which was registered in the state of Illinois as a religious institution at 700 Hillview, West Chicago, IL in 1988. In a lifetime of dedicated community service, Dr. Soni has served as a founding member of the Medical Association in Illinois, retired as a Lieutenant Colonel of the United States Army Reserve, has served as a founding Patron and member of the board of trustees of the East West University in Chicago IL, founding member and past president of the Hindu Society of Chicago and Hari Om Mandir, president and founding patron of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America and Canada as well as founding member and past president of the Arya Pratinidhi Sabha of America, the national umbrella body of Arya Samajs of America. He is married to Saroj Soni who hails from a devout Arya Samaj family. Her father wrote the Arya Samaj havan book that is still used at the Arya Samaj of Chicagoland. Dr. and Mrs. Soni have helped to settle over 300 families from Burma and India to the United States. He has two children, well settled in Illinois and Virginia.