Other Sponsorship

Arya Samaj of Chicagoland is a charitable community organization that runs on the membership fees, sponsorships and donations made by families in the community.  Principles of Arya Samaj of Chicagoland promotes inclusiveness and participation of all members of the neighborhood and community regardless of race, religion or ethnicity.  In order to maintain and upgrade the facilities, manage the monthly expenses and keep up support to our Acharya ji and family, members of our community sponsor different activities.  We request each of you to consider sponsorship of the following: (i) 1-2 havan services each year to celebrate an occasion or special event; (ii) contribution towards kitchen supplies: atta, dals, spices, frozen foods, paper goods, water, dry fruits, ghee, etc.; (iii) sponsorship towards specific upgrades: kitchen cabinets upgrades, painting of the main halls, carpet replacement, landscaping, etc.; (iv) sponsorship of special events for the community: Lodi, Holi, Vedic New Year, Dussehra, Diwali, India independence day, etc.  Kindly contribute by donating here – LINK TO DONATE BUTTON.