Satyarth Prakash

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Satyarth Prakash  or The Light of Truth was written in 1875 Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati, founder of the Arya Samaj movement to present holistic teachings of the vedas and bring them into everyday use. The book touches on religious, social, educational, political and moral concepts and the way of life as described in the Vedas and lived during Vedic times, when enlightenment, peace and prosperity was at the height of its glory.   It has been translated into over 20 languages and the book is divided into 14 chapters including:

 • Chapter 1 description of the meaning of “Om” and other names of God. 

• Chapter 2 principles of giving birth to and raising children. 

• Chapter 3 principles of Brahmacharya, the duties and qualifications of scholars and teachers. 

• Chapter 4 principles of marriage and married life. 

• Chapter 5 tenets of Vanaprastha, (the Order of Asceticism) and of Sanyas Ashrama (the Order of Renunciation). 

• Chapter 6 describes Raj Dharma (Science of Government). 

• Chapter 7 principles of Vedas and God. 

• Chapter 8 tenets of the Creation, Sustenance and Dissolution of the Universe. 

• Chapter 9 describes knowledge and ignorance, emancipation and bondage. 

• Chapter 10 principles of Conduct – desirable and undesirable, and Diet. 

The remaining four chapters discuss different world religions and context of Hinduism